19:17 09.02.2024

HACC decides to confiscate Pentopak, Atlantis-Pack Ukraine belonging to Russian family Savvidi

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On February 8, the High Anti-Corruption Court (HACC) upheld the claim of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice against Ivan Savvidi, owner of diversified holding company Agrocom, as well as his wife, Kiriyaki Savvidi, for the recovery of assets from food packaging enterprises into the income of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice said on its website.

HACC applied a measure provided for by the "On Sanctions" Law of Ukraine to Savvidi and his wife and recovered 100% of the shares of PrJSC Pentopak and 100% of the charter capital of the Atlantis-Pack Ukraine enterprise as state income, the Ministry of Justice said.

"Savvidi Ivan is a Russian entrepreneur of Greek origin who has a close connection with the authorities of the Russian Federation and the ruling party "United Russia." Savvidi is the president of the Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of the Greeks of Russia, through which he provides ideological support for the actions of the aggressor state by glorifying the president of the aggressor state and military personnel participating in military operations in Ukraine," the Ministry of Justice said in a press release on Friday.

The statement of claim was prepared by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine based on materials from the State Bureau of Investigation and other government bodies, as well as information from public organizations, the ministry said.

Kiriyaki Savvidi owns the assets through Kosteram Holdings Limited. Ivan Savvidi has the right to dispose of them and is the actual owner of the business, the ministry said.

An appeal against the HACC decision can be filed within five days from the date of announcement of the decision, the court recalled.

Ivan Savvidi is a member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation, and is president of the national-cultural autonomy of Greeks of Russia.

Agrocom was founded in 2004. The group includes about 60 enterprises in the food industry, agriculture, packaging industry and retail trade. One of the group's key enterprises is Industrial and Commercial Company Atlantis-Pak, the largest manufacturer of plastic sausage casings in Russia.

The group's management company was created in 2004 and is based in Rostov-on-Don. Most of the enterprises are located in Russia's Southern Federal District. Divisions and branches of the companies operate throughout Russia and in other countries.

As reported on the Pentopak website, the company has been operating on the Ukrainian polyamine packaging market since 1998, providing a full cycle of packaging materials production, sales and after-sales service. The company's products are used for packaging products in the meat processing industry.

Atlantis-Pack Ukraine is a subsidiary of Atlantis-Pack, specializing in the production of packaging for the food industry.