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The Interfax-Ukraine News Agency – has been an information provider in the political and economic information market of Ukraine since 1992.

Since then, the agency has earned a reputation for being the most reliable and competent supplier of timely and objective information.

News reports from Ukraine are available to subscribers in almost every country in the world.

Currently, the agency markets more than 50 information products on political, financial and economic subjects in four languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English and German).

The Interfax-Ukraine News Agency is the largest agency of its kind in Ukraine. According to GfK Ukraine, Interfax-Ukraine is the country's leader in all the key indicators for news agencies (the citation rate by mass media, audience reach, and evaluation by the business community for its impartiality in covering events, timely news updates, etc).

Interfax-Ukraine newswires are integrated into the information streams of the world's largest agencies – Bloomberg and Reuters.

Interfax-Ukraine delivers up-to-the-minute news reports on political, financial and economic subjects not only in Ukraine, but also in some other countries of key importance to Ukraine, namely European countries, China, the CIS and others.

Interfax-Ukraine produces a large number of information products that are delivered to clients in any suitable form for them with the use of new methods of data flow processing. Some of the information products are unique in the Ukrainian market.

Interfax-Ukraine is an active member of organizations like the European Business Association and the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine; the Agency offers significant discounts to the members of these associations and plays a vital role in their work and the lobbying of their members' interests.

Among its clients are banks, embassies, insurance and financial companies, industrial and trade organizations, mass media, foreign representative offices and delegations, political parties and government agencies of Ukraine, law and audit firms.

Interfax-Ukraine clients is a financially reliable readership – bankers, officials, employees from embassies and foreign representative offices, business owners and senior managers, middle management, press secretaries, mass media staff, politicians, lawyers, auditors, advisers, analytics, and other categories of white collar workers.

All the abovementioned advantages of the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency are guarantees of high-quality, up-to-date, unbiased information that is delivered to the client in a suitable form, so that it is beneficial, and is a necessary tool for doing business successfully in Ukraine.

Information cooperation with the Agency will contribute to the recognition of a company and the visibility of business owners, and will promote the company's messages through delivery to government officials, mass media, and experts.

The Director General of the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency is Oleksandr Martynenko.

The information services of the agency are available for a free test by contacting:
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