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Информационное агентство «Интерфакс-Украина» предлагает проводить пресс-конференции, брифинги и круглые столы в пресс-центре агентства

Interfax-Ukraine press conferences broadcasted live on Era-FM radio Applications for hosting press conferences are accepted by phone +38 (044) 270-74-65 or by e-mail: "pr (at)" (Zgarda Maryna)

The Interfax-Ukraine news agency and Era-FM radio station started implementing a project to broadcast live press conferences from the agency's press center in September 2007.

The hosting of conferences will be possible at 1230 from Monday until Friday. Broadcasting on the Era-FM network continues for half an hour, while the rest of the time the press conference is held as before.

The use of the proposed format helps combine contact with journalists and the possibility of direct contact with the audience of Ukraine's only talk-radio format station.

According to media market research, the placement of information is more effective on radio than on TV during daylight hours. The listeners of Era-FM day programs are passengers in cars and routed taxicabs in all Ukrainian regional centers, while the rating of daytime broadcasting on TV information channels doesn't exceed 0.3%.

While implementing this project Interfax-Ukraine is already cooperating with political parties, public organizations, large retail companies, foodstuff producers, and banks.

The project attracts, first and foremost, newsmakers that are granting services or selling goods directly to the public.

Reasons for holding such press conferences could be the issue of new products or services, the extension of a sales network, significant events in the company's life, other events that could interest a large audience.

Applications for hosting press conferences are accepted by phone
+38 (044) 270-74-65 or by e-mail:

Interfax-Ukraine News Agency offers to host press conferences at its press centre.

At the disposal of press conference participants and the mass media is a 50-seat hall, suitable both for both newspaper and TV journalists.

The press center is equipped with microphones, wireless microphones, a plasma display panel, professional lighting and sound equipment, air conditioning, and wireless access to the Internet or local corporate network using Wi-Fi technology.

The display allows the immediate screening of advertising information, video clips and presentations. Press conference participants are provided with digital audio records of the event.

Interfax-Ukraine organizes press conferences "on site" so that leading newsmakers can discuss today's most burning problems and issues. Holding press conferences at the agency draws the target audience's attention to important opinions, events, and campaigns.

Reports from the press conference hall are covered in Interfax-Ukraine news issues and posted on the agency's Internet site The agency also posts announcements of all events held at the press center.

Interfax-Ukraine's Director General Oleksandr Martynenko says he hopes the new press center will become a popular place for communication between journalists, politicians and businessmen. "We're ready to do our best to make the press conferences in our hall as effective as possible for all participants," he said.

Applications for hosting press conferences are accepted by phone +38 (044) 270-74-65 or by e-mail: "pr (at)" (Zgarda Maryna)


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