20:25 04.07.2023

Dobrobut medical chain launches rehabilitation department, free treatment program for military

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The Dobrobut medical chain has launched a physical rehabilitation department at the treatment and diagnostics center at 3 Simyi Idzykovskykh Street in Kyiv.

The chain said in a press release that the department is headed by Danylo Safronov, one of the most experienced specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation in Ukraine, Ph.D., doctor of the highest category, a certified teacher of the Neurac method in Ukraine with experience of work with injuries and their consequences in the area of hostilities.

"The war that has been going on in Ukraine for the tenth year gave a strong impetus to the development of physical rehabilitation, although there has always been a lack of specialists in this field. I can confidently say that today Ukrainian physical therapists are among the best in the world," Safronov said.

The new rehabilitation center will deal with recovery after injuries and surgeries on the musculoskeletal system, treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and pain syndromes, rehabilitation of athletes, recovery from combat injuries, and correction of posture disorders. Patients can receive counseling, physiotherapy, manual and movement therapy.

In addition, the department will provide rehabilitation services to patients with degenerative changes in the spine and joints (osteoarthritis, hernias, protrusions), neuropathy (damage to peripheral nerves), pain in the muscles or soft connective tissues, tendinopathy (tendon damage), slowly healing fractures, muscle atrophy, impaired blood circulation and innervation.

The department is equipped with modern focal shock wave and laser therapy systems, Redcord suspension systems for kinesiotherapy and rehabilitation.

The medical chain announces a program of free rehabilitation assistance for the military in the new department from July 3 to August 31. The program will be implemented with the support of the Direct Relief international charitable foundation.

Dobrobut is one of the largest private medical networks in Ukraine. It includes 17 medical centers in Kyiv and Kyiv region, an emergency service, dentistry and pharmacies. The network's medical centers provide services for children and adults in more than 75 medical specialties. Every year, Dobrobut specialists carry out more than 7,000 surgeries, more than 2,800 employees work in the network.

It cooperates with a number of international charitable organizations, namely Direct Relief International, Children of War Foundation, International Medical Corps and the University of Miami Global Institute, as well as with the Dobrobut Foundation, a charitable foundation founded by the clinic.

Dobrobut became the first private chain in Ukraine to receive funding from the US federal government - with the support of the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), the company will build a modern physical rehabilitation center.