10:32 27.07.2022

Ukrainian servicemen liberate Andriyivka from invaders

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Ukrainian defenders liberated Andriyivka from Russian invaders, hitting the enemy strongholds, the Pivden (South) task force said.

"Our aviation inflicted four strikes on the enemy using attack aircraft, bombers and helicopters. Four enemy strongholds in the area of Andriyivka, Bilohirka and Blahodatne were hit. Thus, Andriyivka was liberated and finally cleared of the Russian occupation troops, like Lozove, where our the troops securely secured their positions a few days earlier," according to the statement posted on Facebook on Wednesday night.

It is noted that during the day the enemy tried to restore the lost position by conducting a counterattack in the direction of Bruskinske - Bilohirka, but failed.

In Mykolaiv region, the invaders carried out aerial reconnaissance and lost Eleron-3, "and when they tried to use a kamikaze drone of the Lanset type, which they tried to attack a radar station, the flying aggressor was destroyed by small arms."

Enemy aircraft inflicted four strikes on Ukrainian positions on positions: on Tuesday morning – twice with a pair of attack Ka-52s, there are no Ukrainian military losses among them.

"At noon, a trio of Ka-52s in Olhyne area, intending to attack our units, defeated their own. For which, on the way back, they were attacked by the anti-aircraft defense of the Russian troops. Thus, the enemy, with another gesture of goodwill, deprived himself of one shock Ka-52. Our losses are not allowed," the task force said.

Ukrainian air defense destroyed two enemy missiles during a missile attack by a pair of Su-34 missiles of the Kh-31 type in the direction of Bashtanka.

By evening, the occupiers fired on Velyka Kostroma with heavy artillery of 152 caliber, there were no casualties.

During the day, the Ukrainian military completed 300 fire missions, "confirmed losses of the enemy are: 8-9 rashists, the T-62 tank, the Msta-S and Msta-B self-propelled howitzers, the Sani mortar complex, two armored units and six automotive equipment, and a warehouse of enemy ammunition was destroyed in Bilohirka.

In the Black Sea, an enemy ship grouping in the amount of 11 units continues to maneuver, two missile and a large landing ship are in readiness for their intended use.

The threat of missile strikes and enemy landings remains.