15:54 20.11.2023

DREAM Support Office starts operating with help of UNDP

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With the help of the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine (UNDP), the DREAM Support Office start operating, the UNDP press service told Interfax-Ukraine.

"At the request of the Ministry of Reconstruction and Kyiv Regional Military Administration, a team of six experts was formed. Five of them start working on November 1. Namely, two procurement and finance experts, an engineer, an anti-corruption expert and a coordinator, head of the DREAM support team," national project manager of the UNDP Technical Support Group Igor Kistenyov-Kavkazkii said.

According to him, half of the team's working time is aimed at helping to implement the DREAM system, and half at supporting selected projects.

Now the team is helping in the pilot region, Kyiv region, to implement 56 projects developed with funds from the Fund for Elimination of the Consequences of Armed Aggression, 18 with the assistance of EIB funds, 18 by United24. Namely, it helps to receive and generate system information regarding these projects and enter it into the DREAM system, which is currently in beta testing.

He said that, as a rule, project support is provided in four areas: finance/procurement, technical/engineering assistance, social/coordination with society, and anti-corruption. As for the projects financed by the Liquidation Fund, it was decided to focus on the financial, technical and anti-corruption components.

The second area of work of the DREAM support team – implementation support – Involves work on the ground, tracking the progress of projects with photographic recording, meetings with communities and support at all stages: from project approval and receiving an advance payment to commissioning.

According to Kistenyov-Kavkazkii, a team of six experts will be able to deeply coordinate up to 200 projects.

"We are focusing on 100 restoration projects in Kyiv region and the same number in Ukraine. Zhytomyr region and Chernihiv region have also been selected," he said.

Funding has already been found for all projects supported by the DREAM support team. For example, in Chernihiv region, UNDP coordinates three projects financed by Latvia.