10:08 17.03.2022

Russia's armed aggression in Ukraine killed 108 children, over 120 wounded – PGO

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As a result of the Russian military aggression on the territory of Ukraine, some 108 children were killed, more than 120 were wounded, the Prosecutor General's Office has said.

"The Russian armed forces continue to launch missile attacks on civilians, including children, cynically disregarding the norms of international humanitarian law. As of the morning of March 17, 2022, some 108 children were killed and over 120 wounded," the PGO said in the Telegram channel.

According to the department, most children suffered in Kyiv region some 52 ones, some 34 children in Kharkiv, some 25 in Donetsk, some 24 in Chernihiv, some 20 in Mykolaiv, some 15 in Zhytomyr, some 14 in Sumy and ten children in Kherson regions.

The PGO said in the report, that more than 411 educational institutions were damaged as a result of bombing and shelling, some 63 of them were completely destroyed.

According to the PGO, most educational institutions were damaged in Donetsk region, namely 119 ones, some 77 in Kharkiv, some 20 in Mykolaiv, some 23 in Sumy, some 35 in Kyiv, some 21 in Kherson regions and 24 in Kyiv city.

As noted in the prosecutor's office, the invaders fired at more than 11 medical facilities, three rehabilitation centers, including for disabled children.

The data are not final due to the lack of the possibility of inspecting the scenes of the incident, where active hostilities are taking place and in the temporarily occupied territories.

In particular, according to the PGO, on March 16, 2022, the occupiers dropped a bomb on Donetsk Regional Drama Theater in Mariupol, where about a1,000 civilians, mostly women and children, found shelter.

"It is not possible to establish the exact number of victims, since shelling continues in Mariupol. There is information about the first victims, among whom there are children," the PGO said.

According to the PGO, in Zaporizhia region, as a result of mining by the military of the aggressor country, a car with civilians exploded, resulting in the death of a six-year-old child.