12:37 26.10.2020

Ukraine looking for site for Turkish Bayraktar to produce UAVs – Dpty PM

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Ukraine, within the framework of an agreement with the Turkish company Bayraktar on the location of the production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the country, is looking for an appropriate site for the enterprise, Deputy Prime Minister for Strategic Industries Oleh Urusky has said.

"The Turkish side is ready to make an investment. They need a platform from us meeting the appropriate requirements, on which they will build an enterprise that will eventually produce these vehicles," he said at a press conference in Kyiv last week.

Urusky said that the Turkish side presented such an updated approach recently, and earlier it was ready to start production at one of the enterprises of Ukroboronprom.

The deputy prime minister said that Ukrainian engineers and designers will work at the Bayraktar enterprise in Ukraine, and it will receive the right to sell UAVs both in the Ukrainian and other markets.

Urusky also said that the possibility of joint production of mobile anti-tank missile systems with Turkey and the organization of a joint venture for the production of aircraft engines in Turkey for both UAVs and helicopters and a possible Turkish advanced combat aircraft are being considered.

The deputy prime minister said that the general principle is: "If their products are localized with us, our products are localized with them."

"We envisage that several joint ventures will be created, including in the maritime area," Urusky said. He said that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is interested in Turkish corvettes, detailed negotiations have not yet taken place, but the first corvette can be built in Turkey, and the rest at a Ukrainian enterprise.