17:21 28.05.2014

Maidan protestors demand all their requests complied with, only then will they free Kyiv center

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Maidan activists said they would not leave the Independence Square in central Kyiv until all their demands are met.

According to the declaration of Maidan communities on the situation development after May 2014 released at a news conference in Kyiv on Wednesday, "Maidan will not disperse until the demands - punishing criminals, purging, changing the power system, introducing constitutional order with regard to communities, establishing Kyiv territorial community (with regard to self-government) - are complied with."

Activists propose staying in central Kyiv and structurally changing.

In particular, it is suggested to limit Maidan within initial barricades, make the Independence Square pedestrian and create conditions for turning Maidan into a place for "building civil society."

It is necessary to hold public hearings regarding the use of the Kyiv city administration building and to turn the House of Unions into a public center, declaration authors said.

The current state of central Kyiv leaves much to be desired, the document said.

"We - organizations, which are not just physically present at the square, but also those, who intend to preserve the Maidan spirit and the spirit of proposing, developing and controlling changes in Ukraine - realize that the 'physical Maidan' is currently in a state that does not always deserve the memory of the people, who died on it," the declaration said.

Maidan activists said the document will be given to all state authorities and after a response to the declaration is received, they are ready to form a joint working group.

If the authorities ignore this initiative, "mechanisms of public pressure" are expected to be used, activists said.

Maidan barricades in central Kyiv have accomplished their mission and Kyiv's central street Khreschatyk should be freed, Vitaliy Klitschko, who won the Kyiv mayoral elections, said on May 26.