09:43 19.12.2023

Construction of kitchen factory under patronage of Howard Buffett completed in Bucha

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In Bucha, Kyiv region, the construction of Ukraine’s first factory-kitchen has been completed, which will prepare food for 30 surrounding schools and gardens in three communities, the second one is planned to be built in Lozova in Kharkiv region, said First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska.

“Today is an important day for our school nutrition reform. The construction of a kitchen factory in Bucha has been completed - the first of its kind in Ukraine,” Zelenska wrote on Facebook.

She reported that on Monday, December 18, together with the project’s patron, philanthropist, farmer, businessman and founder of the charitable foundation The Howard G. Buffett, Howard Buffett made a visit to Bucha.

“I’m glad to be here with philanthropist Howard Buffett, who made this project possible,” she said.

According to her, this project, in particular, is about common action.

"About support that has no borders or territorial boundaries. About jobs and the much-needed economic revival in the de-occupied territories,” she explained.

“There are big plans. I hope this kitchen will open a network of similar factories feeding children throughout the country,” she is convinced.

In turn, the press service of Kyiv Regional Military Administration reported that the factory-kitchen model is one of the three latest technological models for organizing children’s meals developed and approved as part of the school nutrition reform.

“Tasty, healthy and wholesome food will begin to be delivered to schools in the Bucha community as early as January next year. Subsequently, educational institutions in two more communities – Nemishayeve and Borodianka – will be provided with hot meals,” said Ruslan Kravchenko, head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration.

The kitchen factory was built within 8 months. Every day they will be able to produce up to 10,000 portions. Ready-made meals will be cooled at a temperature of 3°C, delivered by cars in special boxes to schools and kindergartens, and there they will be heated using special equipment.

“We’ve seen how everything works in practice. The food is tasty and varied. I’m sure that children will be happy to eat such dishes. I am grateful to The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, which will also finance the cost of producing hot meals for the children of these three communities for a year," Kravchenko said.