19:21 13.12.2023

Cyberattack on Kyivstar does not affect functioning of IT infrastructure of private clinics

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The cyberattack on Kyivstar did not actually affect the functioning of the IT infrastructure of private clinics in Ukraine.

As Dmytro Kharebov, director of the IT department of the Dobrobut medical network, noted in a commentary to Interfax-Ukraine, despite the fact that currently "the IT infrastructure of no company in Ukraine can be protected 100%, Dobrobut is doing everything possible to ensure that critical systems are functioning properly and that we are able to treat patients under all circumstances."

At the same time, he noted that the performance of mobile operators is important for the clinic's contact center, which operates 24/7, as well as for communications with insurance companies, payment through terminals for the services of mobile teams and other services.

"We felt the problems associated with the hacker attack on Kyivstar, but thanks to the coordinated actions of our team and the lessons learned last fall, the impact on customer service was negligible," Kharebov said.

He noted that judging by the statistics of the Dobrobut network, almost everyone who wanted to make an appointment was able to do so. At the same time, on the day of the cyberattack, Dobrobut saw a 42% decrease in recordings through mobile calls, but the number of calls through instant messengers and chatbots increased by 2.5 times, through the website and mobile application - by almost 15%, which "allowed us to correct situation."

Kharebov said that in 2022, Dobrobut "learned to be prepared for constant challenges and to have backup options in case of failure of critical services."

"Like most Kyiv residents, Dobrobut has strategic reserves of Starlinks, charging stations, battery lights, diesel generators, supplies of water, fuel and food. We have installed several Internet operators in each of our medical centers, who are also capable of working up to 48 hours without electricity," he said.

In turn, the operating director of the Leleka multidisciplinary medical center, Vadym Zukin, noted that the clinic has done everything possible to minimize the impact of external negative factors on the IT infrastructure, although "no one ever has complete protection, but there is a list of measures to ensure the desired level of IT -security."

Commenting on the cyberattack on Kyivstar, Zukin noted that the Leleka clinic uses several telecom operators and does everything possible to inform patients about the availability of various communication options.

"The failure of just one operator is not significant for us. We were lucky with corporate mobile communications, since we have a different operator, but corporate mobile communications does not in any way affect the safety of patients, so even if it were Kyivstar, this in no way would affect the quality and safety of our medical care," he emphasized.