14:43 30.03.2023

Zelenskyy invites Austrian MPs to visit Ukraine, see what Russia 'brings to Ukraine and the world'

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has invited the president of the National Council of Austria and other representatives of the Austrian parliament to visit Ukraine.

"I invite you, Mr. President of the National Council, and other honorable representatives of the Austrian Parliament to visit our country as well, talk with our people and see with your own eyes, in the de-occupied territory or in the frontline areas, what Russia is like today, what it brings to Ukraine and the world," the Ukrainian president said on Thursday in a video address to the Austrian parliament.

He also said he was glad to have productive meetings with the Federal Chancellor and the Federal President of Austria.

According to Zelenskyy, "when we appeal for support for Ukraine, we appeal to save lives. […] We seek safety, peace, freedom, happiness for our children in our Ukrainian home."

He recalled the Peace Formula proposed by Ukraine, and said that Russia responded with "another batch of lies, denial, another manifestation of evil."

"I am grateful to you, Austria, for the fact that your response was even greater support for the Ukrainian people, our state, and international law," Zelenskyy said.

"Understand how important each voice in support of international law and Ukraine is when relevant issues are brought up for consideration by the UN General Assembly, the European Parliament or other international platforms. Every voice in support of sanctions and other global steps that deprive Russia of the opportunity to increase its aggression," he said.

According to the Ukrainian president, "supporting our people now means understanding how important it is not to remain morally neutral towards evil. This is not about geopolitics, not about military-political issues."

"I am especially grateful to every Austrian who took part in the "Neighbor in Need" campaign - Nachbar in Not - we appreciate it very much. I thank you for your help in protecting our energy industry from Russian terrorist missile strikes," he said.