13:27 08.05.2019

Zelensky, Freeland discuss plans to combat corruption in Ukraine, ways for peaceful settlement of Donbas conflict

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President-elect of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has discussed with Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, who arrived in the country on Wednesday, plans regarding the fight against corruption and the Minsk format for resolving the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

"We don't want to talk about the fight against corruption, we want to achieve victory over it," Zelensky's press service quoted him as saying.

According to the newly elected president, his team will make everything possible so that citizens would have as little contact with officials as possible.

"Our goal is a state in a smartphone," explained Zelensky.

For her part, Freeland noted that in some areas, even Canada can follow the example of Ukraine. In particular, it concerns the system of electronic declarations. "We see a lot in common between you and our Prime Minister Trudeau. Four weeks before the election, nobody believed that we would win," the Canadian Foreign Minister said.

She added that it is very important for modern politicians to listen to their citizens. Freeland also assured that Zelensky can count on the support of Canada in the international arena.

"It is very important that the entire Ukraine voted for you. Democratic Ukraine with a successful economy is an example for all the countries of the post-Soviet region, in particular for Russians," Freeland said.

The parties also discussed the search for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

"We have a chance to stop the fire and return Donbas," the newly elected president said.

The meeting also referred to the powerful representation of the Ukrainian state at a conference on supporting reforms in Ukraine, which will be held in Toronto in July 2019.