14:20 04.05.2024

U.S. Ambassador: Military, economic aid, reform support, accountability are main goals of $61 bln allocated for Ukraine

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U.S. Ambassador: Military, economic aid, reform support, accountability are main goals of $61 bln allocated for Ukraine

Military and economic assistance, support for reforms towards integration into the European Union and NATO, and accountability for aid provided by Washington are the main goals of the $61 billion aid package for Ukraine, said U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink.

As the U.S. Ambassador said at a joint meeting with journalists in Kyiv with Deputy Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Isobel Coleman, there are three main goals for which the law on assistance to Ukraine recently adopted in Congress and signed by the U.S. President will be used right now.

The first goal is to help you win the war, Brink said.

She recalled that immediately after U.S. President Joe Biden signed a package of additional measures for Ukraine, he also signed a $1 billion military aid package with all types of weapons, including air defense systems, ammunition and armored vehicles, which are now being sent to Ukraine to the front lines. In addition, as the ambassador recalled, just a few days ago, Biden also approved a $6 billion aid package that will be used to conclude contracts with weapons companies.

So this underscores our resolve, expressed in President Biden's statement, that our goal is to support you in defending and deterring future aggression, and this is the first installment of $61 billion that will continue to flow, Brink said.

The ambassador noted that in addition to the military aspect, the United States understands the importance of supporting the Ukrainian economy, so part of the assistance package will be aimed at supporting efforts to protect Ukraine's energy infrastructure, as well as supporting exports.

The second goal, Brink said, is to help Ukraine win in the future, which essentially means supporting Ukraine's efforts to integrate into the European Union, as well as NATO, and transform the country into a stronger and more prosperous democracy.

We will continue to support reforms and reform efforts in various parts of your government to support your efforts to move in this direction, the ambassador assured.

She stressed that great progress had been made with the announcement of the possibility of accession negotiations with the EU, and expressed the hope that movement in this direction would begin again soon.

Brink also assured of U.S. support for Ukraine's aspirations to join NATO, and therefore part of the funds from the assistance package will be used to support reforms in this area.

The ambassador named accountability as the third point, emphasizing that this is important in the context of further support for Ukrainians.

And part of the job that I and all of us at the embassy and people in Washington and in different parts of our system have to do is provide the oversight that we have to do with respect to $61 billion, Brink said.

This is something that Congress actually raises with me every time I'm there, and something that we're very committed to, that helps us not only support you, but maintain support, she pointed out.