15:59 02.03.2022

For Ukraine Yanukovych is a political corpse - Podoliak

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Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is a political corpse for Ukraine, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podoliak has said.

According to him, several aspects are important in reports about "Yanukovych, who is in Minsk".

"First and key: any mention of the name Yanukovych as some kind of "opportunity" once again shows us the total ignorance of the Russian Federation of real sentiments in Ukraine. A complete lack of understanding of what kind of country this is. Russians have never had any objective analytics - hence such murderous decisions... The second aspect of this wondrous story is that Yanukovych is an absolute "political corpse," Podolyak said in a commentary given to Interfax-Ukraine.

As an adviser to the head of the President's Office noted, Yanukovych is "an outsider with a toxic reputation" for Ukrainians.

"The mention of his last name even sounds somehow defiant. It will definitely only provoke even more resistance. Like, by the way, the names of Medvedchuk and Murayev. These are completely negative characters with a sullied reputation. It's not even about the total lack of managerial skills and the immense stupidity of these people. And about their complete incompatibility with the Ukrainian context," he added.

Podoliak also added that the Russian Federation does not know and does not understand Ukrainian realities.

"Propaganda stories about a "mass meeting of Russian tanks with flowers." In fact, there are no even single "meetings" - only hatred, the most brutal destruction of these very tanks and even massive attempts to stop armored vehicles with their bodies. The falsely hoped that they would be treated kindly in a country that hates any invaders. The confidence of the Russian elites that hundreds of thousands of nationalist armies are marching through our streets shows they do not understand anything in Ukraine," he stressed.

Earlier, a number of media outlets reported on the arrival of Yanukovych in Minsk and suggested that he could be nominated by Moscow as the leader of Ukraine.