16:42 01.03.2022

Cabinet significantly expands list of critical imports, along with military goods

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The Cabinet of Ministers has significantly expanded the list of critical imports to include a wide range of food products, as well as military goods such as military uniforms, helmets, bulletproof vests and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The text of relevant resolution No. 167 of February 28, 2022, adopted by the government on February 28, is published on its website.

Thus, the current list of critical imports includes meat and meat by-products, milk and dairy products, poultry eggs, natural honey, vegetables and edible root crops and tubers, fruits and nuts, coffee, tea, spices, cereals, wheat and wheat-rye flour, soybeans, juices and extracts of plant origin.

In addition, pectin substances and thickeners of vegetable origin, fats and oils of animal and vegetable origin, prepared edible fats, waxes of animal or vegetable origin fell under the decree.

Ready-to-eat products on the critical import list include prepared food products made from meat, fish or crustaceans and mollusks; sugar and sugar confectionery; prepared foods from cereals, flour, starch or milk; flour confectionery; products of processing of vegetables, fruits or other parts of plants; alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and vinegar; bran and fodder meal.

The list of critical imports has been expanded with military goods: bulletproof vests and armor plates, helmets, military and tactical uniforms and footwear, protective clothing, optical tracking devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, sleeping bags and mats, medical aid.

As reported, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said on February 28 that the Cabinet of Ministers had expanded the list of critical imports with food and military goods.