16:29 25.10.2020

Police checking one more fact of 'carousels,' eight reports of mining not confirmed – Klymenko

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As of 15:00 on Sunday, almost 2,500 reports of violations related to the electoral process were registered, some 28 criminal proceedings were initiated, another fact of illegal transportation of voters to the polling station is being checked.

"At the moment, some 2,401 applications and statements from citizens related to the electoral process have been registered, most of all in Kyiv, Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions," Chief of the National Police Ihor Klymenko has said at a briefing in Kyiv on Sunday.

According to him, since 08:00 on Sunday, some 63 protocols on the commission of administrative violations have been drawn up. Some 41 protocols were drawn up due to damage to the ballot paper, and the facts of taking out ballots were also recorded. "There are many facts when ballot papers were torn up and thrown away," he said, adding that in a number of cases voters damaged the ballot boxes.

The chief of the National Police said that at the moment 28 facts of offenses have been entered into the Unified Register of Pretrial Investigations, first of all, it is about obstruction of the exercise of electoral rights.

As for the facts of illegal transportation of voters, the so-called carousel voting, according to Klymenko, another such fact was recorded." Currently, two more double-decker buses came from Zhytomyr region with 132 people. We are finding out for what purpose these citizens arrived in Kyiv," Klymenko said.

The chief of the National Police said that all 132 people who arrived in these buses were taken to the district administration to find out information. "They said that they had come for an excursion. We have doubts," Klymenko said.

Speaking about reports of alleged mining, the chief of the National Police said that there were eight such calls, none of them was confirmed, the electoral process did not stop while the notifications were being checked.

In addition, according to Klymenko, there are facts of issuance of pens and notebooks with party logos by candidates, such offenses are also suppressed by the police.