10:29 08.08.2018

Poroshenko expresses support of Georgia's territorial integrity on 10th anniversary of war with Russia

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko expressed support for Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty on the 10th anniversary when Russia unleashed war against that country.

"On this day, we express our sincere support and solidarity with our friends in Georgia. Ten years ago, Russia's aggressive machine chose to reveal its true essence. Moscow's impudent aggression against Tbilisi became a model demonstration to the entire international community that the Kremlin is no longer going to live according to the rules of good-neighborliness and respect international law," Poroshenko wrote on Facebook on Tuesday evening.

He stressed that Moscow is guided by imperial ambitions and "eternal gravitation to seize foreign territories."

"No matter how clear that signal was, unfortunately, not everyone heard it, otherwise there would be no aggression against Ukraine, no torpedoing of European and transatlantic peace and security, interference in the internal affairs of those states that the Kremlin continues to consider enemies," Poroshenko wrote.

He also noted that joint efforts would be successful in stopping Moscow's aggression against Ukraine and Georgia.

"By joint actions, our unity and solidarity, we will surely force the Kremlin to stop aggression, respect international law and restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Georgia," he said.