13:46 20.10.2023

Restoration Ministry approves methodology for prioritizing projects to eliminate consequences of Russian armed aggression

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The Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development (Restoration Ministry) approves methodological recommendations for prioritizing projects to eliminate the consequences caused by Russian armed aggression against Ukraine.

The corresponding order was signed on Friday by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development Oleksandr Kubrakov. The document will come into force after publication.

"I'm not saying that this methodology can take into account absolutely everything 100%. But it pursues the goal of an unbiased analysis, providing a framework for decisions made on data. This is a recommendation document for us, but a very important one," Deputy Minister of Restoration Oleksandra Azarkhina said during public consultations Regional Dimension of Ukraine's Plan on Friday.

According to the text of the order, methodological recommendations were developed on the basis of the Prioritization Framework for Infrastructure Projects of the World Bank.

The prioritization methodology combines socio-ecological and financial-economic information into two composite indices, which are used to compare projects, and is a tool for assessing and ranking submitted projects according to many parameters.

Indicators evaluate the potential feasibility of a project from economic, financial, environmental and social points of view.

The indicators are reported to use Sectoral Priorities, aligned with the World Bank's Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment, and Sectors of Activities and Eligible Operations, which are considered to be universally consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement ratified by Law No. 1469 -VIII on the ratification of the Paris Agreement dated July 14, 2016.