12:19 22.04.2019

Russia's ban on import of products of Ukrainian light industry to mainly touch export of tights, nylons

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The introduction of new restrictions on import of products of Ukrainian light industry would affect the volumes of export of these goods, operation of enterprises and occupancy of employees, as despite the fact that last year export of products of light industry fell by 26% compared with 2017, it totaled $73.6 million (6% of total Ukrainian export of products of light industry), the Ukrainian Association of enterprises of textile & leather industry (Ukrlegprom) has said.

According to a posting on the association's website, in 2018, the key groups of goods exported to Russia were knitted clothing (20.9%), shoes (20.5%), cotton wool and nonwoven materials (17.8%), synthetic and artificial fabrics (11.6%), household textiles (11.4%), carpets (3.3%), and textile clothing (2.7%).

"The volume of groups of goods exported to Russia that were sanctioned, in 2018 amounted to $26.9 million, or 2.2% of total Ukrainian exports last year," the association said.

According to a resolution posted on the website of the Russian government on April 18, the ban applied to suits, sets, women's blazers, T-shirts and sweatshirts, sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, vests; panty hoses, stockings, socks; bras, corsets and suspenders.

In addition, the restrictions applied to shoes with a sole made of rubber, plastic, natural or composite leather; shoes with rubber and plastic tops; as well as parts of shoes, nested insoles, heel cushions, gaiters.

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, among the garments that fell under the sanctions, the largest share of total exports is taken by the export of tights, stockings and golf (64.6% in money terms and 60.7% in kind). In 2018, products for $12.175 million of total exports of these products worth $18.86 million were exported to Russia.

At the same time, the export of women's suits, jackets, blazers, skirts and dresses made up 1.4% of the total exports of these clothes, or $ 520,000, T-shirts and underwear – 1.6% ($447,000), sweaters and jumpers – 3% ($271,000), bras and corsets – 7.6% ($1.22 million

With regard to footwear, in 2018, footwear on rubber, plastic soles for $2.37 million (6.1% of total exports of such products), shoes with rubber or plastic tops for $3.4 million (12.1%) were exported to the Russian Federation, parts of shoes for UAH 6.04 million (5.4%).