17:58 05.11.2018

National Police says materials enough to solve Handziuk murder

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The National Police of Ukraine says that investigators have enough materials to solve the murder of acting chief of administration at Kherson City Council's Executive Committee, an advisor to the mayor of Kherson, and civic activist Kateryna Handziuk.

"I am convinced that, taking into account the materials that the National Police have provided to the investigator of the Ukraine's SBU Security Service today, it will be enough to jointly prove the guilt, including that of those who hired the hitmen," deputy chief of the National Police Kostiantyn Bushuev told reporters in Kyiv on Monday.

As was earlier reported, an unidentified person poured concentrated sulfuric acid over Handziuk in the vicinity of her house in Kherson on July 31. The lady suffered severe chemical burns and had to be taken to the local hospital. Soon she was transferred to a hospital in Kyiv.

Reports appeared on November 4 that Handziuk had died.

Investigators changed the qualification of the attack on the victim to completed crime under Clauses 4, 6, 11 and 12 of Part 2 of Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (premeditated murder committed by a group of people, for mercenary motives, with particular cruelty).

On November 5, the media liaison office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported that the investigative actions in the Handziuk case and the criminal proceedings had been transferred to the SBU Security Service of Ukraine.

Earlier, police detained five suspects in the attempted murder of the activist.