13:17 03.01.2017

Police questioning Israeli PM for three hours

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Israeli police has announced it ceased questioning Prime Minister of the State of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, TSN said, quoting local media.

"The national division of the Israel police conducted an interrogation on Monday night to warn the premier of Israel on suspicion of the alleged obtaining of unlawful benefits," a statement of the Israeli police says.

It is reported that the questioning was held at the residence of the head of government.

According to the Haaretz newspaper, the interrogation lasted for three hours. Netanyahu was asked questions regarding "probable gifts obtaining on behalf of businessmen."

It became known of the upcoming interrogation on January 2.

The local law enforcement officers have reasons to believe that Netanyahu and members of his family received gifts from businessmen and other benefits worth more than $26,000.

Netanyahu has strongly denied all the allegations against him.

In addition to receiving gifts, the investigation considered the charge on illegal financing of the election campaign and falsification of primary results of Likud party in 2009.