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Bill on mobilization lacks provision on rotation – Rada committee's head

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Bill on mobilization lacks provision on rotation – Rada committee's head

The new government bill on mobilization lacks a provision on rotation, Head of the parliamentary committee on national security, defense and intelligence Oleksandr Zavytnevych (Servant of the People faction) said.

"At the legislative level there must be at least some kind of rule about rotation, about its duration. Now this version does not exist, although we talked a lot about it at the committee," Zavytnevych told Interfax-Ukraine.

At the same time, the head of the committee noted that in the amendments to the bill between the first and second readings, MP will most likely propose this provision.

According to Zavytnevych, it is difficult to agree with the proposal for a bill on the mobilization of convicts.

"I would not mobilize convicts. This is my personal opinion. I am against it. Why? In the 1950s of the last century, when former prisoners who had served their sentences were included in the Armed Forces of the USSR, then, as many military men say, since then hazing began," Zavytnevych said, noting that military personnel are also against such a norm in the law.

"So we will discuss, argue," the PM said.

The head of the committee said the mobilization bill proposes about 150 amendments to current laws.

According to Zavytnevych, it is positive that it is proposed to introduce a provision into the legislation stating that persons with disabilities are not subject to conscription for military service during mobilization.

Among the advantages of the bill, the head of the committee noted the provision on the right to dismissal from military service of military personnel released from captivity if they did not express a desire to serve further.

"The norm about 36 months is crucial [the possibility of dismissal of military personnel after 36 months of continuous service under martial law], which the military also spoke about. For conscripts, it was also decided that they will also be dismissed. And conscript service will be replaced, what we have been talking about for a long time, initial basic training. Military basic – we can call it that. And all citizens must undergo this training," Zavytnevych said.

Among the proposed progressive innovations, Zavytnevych also named the rule on an additional 90-day leave (without division into parts) with the preservation of monetary support for military personnel after their release from captivity [except for those who decided to resign from military service].

"And, remember, they talked a lot about justice, so that civil servants, law enforcement officers, and other categories were subject to reservation... This is also provided for in the bill," Zavytnevych said.

Answering the question about the timing of consideration of the bill in the Verkhovna Rada, the head of the committee recalled the 14 days provided for the submission of alternative bills, although he admitted that the Verkhovna Rada could reduce this period.

"If the Verkhovna Rada votes to reduce the deadline for submitting alternative proposals to seven days, then we can vote in the first reading the next day," Zavytnevych said.

As reported, on January 30, government bill No. 10449 was registered in the Verkhovna Rada on amendments to certain laws regarding certain issues of military service, mobilization and military registration.