16:29 31.05.2022

SBU exposes Russian agents in Ukroboronprom

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SBU exposes Russian agents in Ukroboronprom

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has exposed Russian agents in Ukroboronprom state concern and detained collaborators who were scouting the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the east of the country, SBU spokesperson Artem Dekhtiarenko said.

In a video message posted on the SBU Telegram channel on Tuesday, Dekhtiarenko said that since the start of Russia's full-scale aggression, the Ukrainian intelligence service has exposed more than 360 Russian agents and more than 5,000 collaborators.

"In Kyiv, counterintelligence of the SBU, with the assistance of the security unit of Ukroboronprom, exposed an employee of one of the defense enterprises for campaigning in favor of Russia. The plotter publicly justified the war crimes of the occupiers and called on his colleagues to support the enemy's army," the spokesperson of the Ukrainian intelligence service said.

At the same time, Dekhtiarenko said that this employee of the defense enterprise "repeatedly turned to the President of the Russian Federation with a request to grant him Russian citizenship."

According to the SBU spokesperson, during searches at the agitator's place of residence, electronic media with pro-Kremlin propaganda and design documentation for aircraft construction were found.

"The agitator has been handed with a notice of suspicion. Measures are underway to establish his subversive activities," Dekhtiarenko added.

The prosecutor's office of Kyiv region, in turn, reported on its Telegram channel that an employee of the Antonov State Enterprise is suspected of supporting the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

"Prosecutors of the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor's Office handed a notice of suspicion to the lead design engineer of the Antonov State Enterprise, who distributed publications justifying the armed aggression of the Russian Federation and glorifying the military personnel of the armed forces of the aggressor country on the Internet (Part 2 of Article 436-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)," the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

According to investigators, during March-April 2022, a resident of Irpen, having pro-Russian sentiments, distributed publications on social networks aimed at supporting the actions of the Russian Federation and justifying its armed aggression against Ukraine.

"In particular, the suspect distributed a map of Ukraine, on which part of the territories of our state allegedly began to belong to neighboring countries," the prosecutor's office said.

Also, the spokesperson of the SBU said that according to the materials of the SBU, a citizen of the Russian Federation, who called on residents of Kyiv to cooperate with the enemy, was sentenced to five years in prison.

In Donetsk region, according to Dekhtiarenko, a Russian agent network, which was involved in reconnaissance of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the eastern front, was rolled up.

"One agent was detained in Sloviansk, where he took pictures and video where the movement of Ukrainian troops was recorded, the other – in the Kramatorsk region – collected intel and transmitted it to the invaders via Telegram app," the spokesperson of the Ukrainian intelligence service said.

Also, according to him, in Kharkiv, the SBU officers exposed two former members of illegal armed groups, and in Lugansk region, based on the materials of the SBU, two commanders of the so-called "LPR," who were captured near Severodonetsk, were sentenced to 8 and 10 years in prison.