15:57 04.03.2022

Humanitarian situation in Mariupol tense, issue of creating humanitarian corridors being resolved – Arestovych

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The humanitarian situation in Mariupol is tense due to a partial siege by Russian troops, the issue of creating humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of people and the supply of food is being resolved, Oleksiy Arestovych, adviser to the head of the President's Office, has said.

"Mariupol is partially under siege, but the situation is under control. The military is repulsing enemy attempts to surround the city. The humanitarian situation there is tense. This is the subject of negotiations with representatives of the Russian Federation and with the top leadership of Ukraine's partner countries, as well as international organizations. We are talking about creation of humanitarian corridors for the removal of residents and the delivery of essential products," Arestovych said at a briefing at the President's Office on the situation in the country.

According to him, the fighting continues in the northwestern direction of Kyiv with the use of aviation and artillery.

Kharkiv and Okhtyrka succumb to devastating enemy attacks, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine hold the line.

The defense forces hold Chernihiv. The occupying troops near Chernihiv are not advancing yet. Also, all enemy attempts to advance towards Mykolaiv were repulsed.

There is also no immediate danger for Odesa now, Arestovych said. A few attempts by enemy ships to fire are suppressed by Ukrainian artillery.

"The military-political leadership is taking all necessary steps to stop the enemy in those directions where he is trying to advance. There are few such directions. Yesterday, several powerful fire strikes were delivered, which stopped the advance of the Russian troops in other directions. We can feel restrained optimism regarding further prospects for the offensive of the enemy," he said.