13:12 14.11.2022

No plans for significant tax changes for 2023 – Hetmantsev

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No plans for significant tax changes for 2023 – Hetmantsev

The absence of a draft law on tax changes in the package with the 2023 state budget was a joint position of the relevant parliamentary committee and the government, significant tax changes are not planned next year, head of the parliamentary committee on finance, taxation and customs policy Danylo Hetmantsev said.

"There are no significant changes in the tax base in wartime, and we are planning the entire financial year 2023 as wartime," he said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

Hetmantsev added that he was pleased with the end of "absolutely insane discussions" about the need to abolish single social security tax.

"I am very pleased that we have finally 'recovered' from another tax virus '10-10-10,' this mutation of the '5-10' virus. So, this 'pandemic,' generated by marginal pseudo-experts and some officials infected by them, left us," the head of the committee stressed.

According to him, one of the proposals that he supports is indexation of certain taxes and fees.

"Indexation will be carried out and linking absolute rates, for example, to the minimum wage, I fully support! I think that this is a normal thing, and it should be done either to the minimum wage or the inflation index. I think that we will do this in one of the following bills. This is not a matter of principle, but a technical thing that is necessary," Hetmantsev explained.

Commenting on the recommendation of the IMF mission to refrain from measures that reduce tax revenues, the head of the committee noted that he also considers benefits to be evil, but does not completely reject them, since in some cases they can be a lesser evil than their absence.

He named industrial parks as such examples, stating a strategy to stimulate the development of industry and processing.

"That is why we support industrial parks, and therefore we plan to register this week a bill to support industry under martial law. We want to give it the opportunity to import equipment without VAT, not divert funds from business," the head of the committee said.

According to him, there are no significant fiscal losses for the budget in the bill, but there is a deferred effect of paying VAT.

Speaking about the proposals of the economic department of the President's Office to introduce a zero rate on grain exports, Hetmantsev expressed the opinion that he would refrain from such a decision at the stage of hostilities.

"I'm not sure about their correctness right now. Since, on the one hand, to support farmers with the 5-7-9% program or other programs, and on the other hand, to deprive them of the right to repay the loan, it seems to me that this will hit small farmers and lead to monopolization of the agricultural sector, rather than a significant increase in budget revenues. I am convinced that this proposal can be considered in conjunction with protecting the interests of small and medium-sized farmers," the head of the committee said.