10:26 18.03.2014

Sevastopol administration wants to keep economic ties with Ukraine

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Sevastopol does not want to break its economic ties with Ukraine and suggests reaching agreements, Alexei Chaly, "people's mayor" of Sevastopol, said at an extraordinary session of the Sevastopol City Council.

"We will make every effort to keep the existing economic ties. There will be no initiatives in this regard on our part," Chaly said.

He also said that Sevastopol will nevertheless be in a different jurisdiction now, adding that he is hoping there will be a smooth transition period.

"We will not torpedo anything. We will try to ensure everyone that the people on both sides of the Crimean neck of land suffer as little as possible. I would very much like to hope that the Kyiv administration will eventually realize that what has happened is irreversible and agreements should be reached," Chaly said.

At the same time, Chaly said the Sevastopol administration has another plan, which will be used in a worst-case scenario, which will help keep the city "economically efficient" if Kyiv takes some actions.

"In this case, we can use the resources of the Russian Federation," Chaly said.

Deputies of the Sevastopol city council decided to ask the Russian Federation to accept Sevastopol as part of the Russian Federation at an extraordinary session on March 17.