18:03 25.11.2021

Future of farming dialogue: Transformation of Agriculture through Digital Technology

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Virtual reality: to what extent does technology affect the success of a grower?

Date December 2, 2021 (Thursday)

Time 14:00


Technology has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. Thanks to its rapid development, we explore, interact, buy and live differently. Agriculture is no exception. Growers can no longer work without satellites, drones and artificial intelligence. Technologies that help to collect data are becoming very important. However, perception of modern agriculture can be quite different – from a small farmer in a cab of old tractor to highly mechanized operations full of tractors and thousands of hectares. Sometimes it may seem that only high-tech farms use digital technology. But this is not quite true. Similar to how everyone on the planet uses smartphones, growers protect their crops with digital technology. But can digitalization really transform agriculture?  Can a farmer grow more using less?

This is what we will discuss on December 2 during the panel discussion “Transformation of Agriculture through Digital Technology”:

  • Is it possible to increase trust, transparency, reduce risks and be efficient in the relationship with a client, by providing new technologies, new opportunities, and a scientific basis?
  • How do optimal based pricing models and digital tools help to create sustainable food system?
  • How do investments in the development of new crop protection products, innovative genetics and digital tools help farmers to get better yields and to protect environment?
  • What is the role of data in decision-making?

These and other important topics our participants will be discussing during the panel discussion:

  • Olga Trofimtseva, President of Agricultural Platform
  • Sergiy Sychevskyi, Business Development Manager, Bayer
  • Dmytro Zaitsev, Head of Precision Agriculture Department, Continental Farmers Group
  • Mykola Chornonos, Head of Precision Agriculture Department and Telemetry in Ukraine, Moldova, Scandinavia and the Baltics, CNH Ukraine.
  • Kirill Druzhynin, Head of Innovations, Agrain

Moderator: Oleg Nivievskyi, Assistant Professor/Center for Food and Land Use Research at Kyiv School of Economics

Partner: Bayer.