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Support for children's education in the Ukrainian online school

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Support for children's education in the Ukrainian online school

Dear friends! Scientific Lyceum “Klym Churyumov International Green School” launched the charity project “Protection of Children of Ukraine” to support Ukrainian pupils affected by the war.

As a part of this project, we have been providing free distance learning possibilities for the high school program, specialized physical and mathematical education and psychological assistance for children since 24 February. Our educators (teachers, scientists, artists, and psychologists) in the conditions of rocket bomb strikes, often from their bomb shelters, conduct lessons for pupils from all Ukrainian regions and abroad, where there is an opportunity to connect to the Internet. According to UNICEF, 2.5 million Ukrainian children have moved away. Some of them will never return to their schools. The problem with psychological support and obtaining state documents on education is of higher importance. As of 28 March, we have already registered 5,626 children. The number is growing every day. Even on the day of resumption of education in Ukrainian schools on 28 March, 20 children were registered to study under the Protection for Children of Ukraine program. We predict that the number of children from the cities where the schools were destroyed will increase – in Irpin, Bucha, Hostomel, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Rubizhne and others.

Our team is working hard to cushion the psychological and emotional trauma experienced by Ukranian children from the these days’ harsh realities and to give them access to quality distance education. So, our heroic teachers also need your help and support. That is why the Klym Churyumov International Green School has opened an account to raise funds for the charity project  ‘Defense of Ukrainian Children’. More: https://www.cigs.com.ua

Organizers: Scientific Lyceum “Klym Churyumov International Green School”, NGO We Are Near, Institute of Social and Political Psychology.

Let's defend our children together and everything for theirs and Ukraine’s future! #defenseofUkrainianchildren

Donations can be sent to the following bank account of the Scientific Lyceum “Klym Churyumov International Green School”:

UAN card / UAH : 5574 2800 0084 2396

UAN account :

LLC Scientific Lyceum / Boarding School “Klym Churyumov International Green School”

USREOU code: 43141885

IBAN: UA873004650000026004300800080

Beneficiary Bank: JSC State OschadBank of Ukraine


USD banking account :

Company Name : Scientific Lyceum / Boarding School “Klym Churyumov International Green School” Limited Liability Company.

Company address: 29B Moskovska street, ap. 16, 01021 Kyiv, Ukraine

USREOU : 43141885

IBAN Code: UA823004650000026003301800080


Bank address: 12 Hospitalna Street, 01001 Kyiv, Ukraine


EURO  banking account:

Company Name: "Scientific Lyceum/Boarding School "Klym Churyumov International Green School" Limited Liability Company.

Company address: 29B  Moskovska street, ap. 16, 01010 Kyiv,  Ukraine

USREOU:  43141885

IBAN Code: UA773004650000026002302800080


Bank address: 12 Hospitalna Street, 01001 Kyiv, Ukraine


More about our needs:

Teachers and the team of the Scientific Lyceum “Klym Churyumov International Green School” from the first day of the war in Ukraine on 24 February 2022 launched free lessons under the banner Protection of the Children of Ukraine for the pupils affected by the war. In addition to the students of this lyceum who have been studying there before the war, now all children of Ukraine who are in the temporarily occupied territories or were forced to move to safe places in Ukraine, or to other countries, have the opportunity to study. Now the team of the Lyceum works selflessly as volunteers comprising new teachers from other public and private schools, public activists, scientists, artists. These volunteers from other countries (USA, Canada, Israel, Turkey) have organized the Speaking Club.

Funding is required for:

1. Provision of technical support (online platforms, additional licenses Google Workspace for Education, servers; paid interactive learning resources available to children online; remuneration of staff who maintain the work of the platform, including additional hosts who insure and moderate each and meet in case the teacher disappears from the Internet or many students join and you need to connect and coordinate participants; purchase of equipment, as most of this has remained in Kyiv and Kharkiv; assistance in providing the Internet, routers for some teachers etc).

2. Remuneration of teachers and administrators. They have humanitarian needs: payment for housing, food, moving to safe places, and medicine. Most teachers themselves became migrants and refugees, fleeing hostilities with their families. The conditions in which they now work on a volunteer basis require financial investment, as well as ensuring their subsistence level. Payment for mobile communications, Internet, partial coverage of housing costs for volunteers.

3. Providing scholarships for students whose families found themselves in difficult circumstances and with refugee status. Parents lost their jobs and businesses due to hostilities in Ukraine. A separate category - school leavers (4,9, and 11 classes) from schools that are destroyed or do not have the resources to organize distance learning and the issuance of documents on education to the state standard.

Scientific Lyceum “Klym Churyumov International Green School” is an educational startup and it provides high-quality interactive physics and mathematics education based on selected best programs from around the world.

What makes us unique?

  1. Live learning in real time on a clear schedule in the format of discussions with teachers, a high level of teachers (including well-known scientists and artists), unique authoring techniques, a combination of mathematics and arts.
  2. Daily psychological assistance to students from professional psychologists, tools to strengthen mental health in emergencies; there has been training for Ukrainian psychologists by Israeli psychologists (together with MASHAV, Israel).
  3. Students study online in their native language and receive government education documents at the end of the school year.

“I need money - just to study. I like studying here very much; in the lyceum, we have top-level teachers and we do not have such educators in a regular school. We have long breaks to clear our brains and prepare for the next lesson. I'm glad I have school online and don't need to wake up and go to school early. My favorite subjects are public speaking, engineering, local area’s history, astronomy with Arsenii, science, mathematics with NASA. As much as I would like to, I need to study and then get a good job.” Stepan, 12 years old.