12:04 12.12.2019

Over uah 22 million was invested by Donbasenergo in the creation of socially important projects in Mykolaivka United Territorial Community

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Donbasenergo has been focusing considerably upon social and economic development in the area where there is Sloviansk TPP, a town-forming undertaking of Mykolaivka United Territorial Community, keeping up its growth strategy as socially responsible business.

UAH 22 million of out-of-pocket expenses was placed by Donbasenergo in development of design specifications and estimates, procuring for the state expert appraisal of projects, along with design and survey works within the ambit of cooperation with Mykolaivka United Territorial Community in 2016-2019.

Thus, a master plan shaping the progression of Mykolaivka was developed in 2017, including the area zoning plan awarded a positive opinion from experts in 2018. Detailed territorial plans for four sites have been rendered complete. There were over UAH 1 million Donbasenergo's investments.

One of the community vital projects undertaken on a turnkey basis in 2017 was the sports ground of the comprehensive school No. 3 of Mykolaivka. The company has put UAH 1.6 million in it.

Donbasenergo's resources were used in the full-scale renovation projects of the infectious diseases department of the Central District Hospital and Polyclinic drafted in 2018, also covering the construction of the town temple. Today, the construction of St. Spiridon's temple is already broadly underway.

For more than 2.5 years, a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation has been in place between PJSC Donbasenergo and Mykolaivka Municipal Council, under which priority areas for the development of the partnership have been identified: the reconstruction of utilities infrastructure, overhaul of roads and lighting networks, amplified facilities, public service & resources inflows in school and pre-school educational institutions. The Energy Provider has undertaken to develop design specifications and estimates for priority projects in respect of Mykolaivka United Territorial Community.

In 2019, Donbasenergo prepared projects for the reconstruction of municipal school No. 1, boarding school, Avanhard town stadium, as well as reconstruction and landscaping of the town park along Lesi Ukrainky Street totalling UAH 5.2 million.

The population of Mykolaivka United Territorial Community is 17 thousand people, 25 % of whom are children and teenagers, 55 % are of working age, and 30 % are the elderly.

For reference: As of December 01, 2019, 60.86 % holder of PJSC Donbasenergo is ENERGOINVEST HOLDING Private Joint Stock Company, 25 % + 1 share are held by the state represented by the State Property Fund of Ukraine, 14.14 % holders are other minority shareholders.

PJSC Donbasenergo unites two power plants: Sloviansk and Starobeshevo TPP (the latter has been located in the territory beyond the control of Ukraine since 2014). Since March 2017, due to the suspension of management, annual performance indicators of assets located in the temporarily occupied Donetsk region are not included in Donbasenergo records of accounts.

The installed capacity of Sloviansk TPP is 880 MW.