16:17 14.06.2018

Daily rent in Ukraine in 2018

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In 2018, Ukraine has an interesting situation with the market of daily rent of apartments.

On the one hand:

- Visa-free regime with Europe

- Many foreign tourists, especially from Germany and Turkey

- The recently defeated Champions League

- Low, by European standards, the cost of daily rent

- Ski resorts, castles, nature, Black and Azov Sea

provide a sufficient flow of tourists. The state tries to prevent people from doing this business (see Law No. 5473 of 30.11.2016), but it is still under consideration and was met with disapproval from the landlords. On the other hand — the landlords are not ready to work "in a European way." What does it mean? It means not to sit on the phone, answering the same questions, but turn on online booking system, regularly fill out the reservation calendar - spend less time and earn more money. In 2018, the landlords, unfortunately, still refer to the daily rent as a hobby: - They don't know how to work with the employment calendar - they answer the same questions about the employment of the apartment; - They don't understand how to work with online booking system, why do you need it if client can just call - the landlords works as a telephone operators; - They don't set up your ad, do not set surcharges for guests, on holidays or New Year, do not set up discounts; - They don't synchronize the calendar of employment if they use several booking sites for their apartments - double booking, loss of time, negative experience;

This list can be continued indefinitely, but there is another type of landlords. They will spend half an hour of their time and adjust all possible discounts, surcharges, synchronization of the employment calendar, write a quality description, connect instant booking. According to our statistics, landlords like that receive more than 70% of all bookings on our site. We hope that professional landlords will become more and the market of daily rent will come close to European standards.

Vlasne.ua is one of the few daily rental services that is able to help and offers a full-fledged online booking. We synchronize our database of objects with several channel-managers, services that transmit data on employment and changes in prices for the object immediately into all sales channels. We protect the interests of all participants in booking, both landlords and tourists. The situation when the owner took an advance payment, and then disappeared with money is excluded. Similarly, the situation is excluded when the tourist booked a week in the "hot" season, and then canceled the reservation and the owner lost their money. Excluded the problem with cheating reviews - reviews can only leave the tourist who booked an apartment on our site. For loyal customers, there is a loyalty program. At the same time, it gives significant bonuses to both tourists and landlords.

To book an apartment in Kyiv it is enough to send one or several requests to the owners of the apartment you like. When landlords will approve your request - you can proceed to payment. In addition, you can choose apartments with instant reservations and pay for the reservation immediately, without waiting for the approval of the owner. In any case, the owner will be able to withdraw the amount prepaid by the tourist only after the tourist has successfully settled into the apartment and passes the payment code to him. Thus, we protect our tourists from scammers and unreliable owners.