16:23 13.04.2023

Unbroken rehabilitation center opens on basis of reconstructed polyclinic building in Lviv

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The National Rehabilitation Center Unbroken (Nezlamnі) was opened on the basis of the reconstructed polyclinic building in Lviv, in which 10,000 Ukrainians can undergo rehabilitation annually.

The project was implemented by the Ministry of Health on the basis of the First Medical Association of Lviv.

The equipment for the halls was provided by the Direct Relief international foundation and the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine.

The reconstruction of the rehabilitation building was carried out with the support of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, the partner cities of Lviv are Freiburg and Vilnius. A floor in the building of the Unbroken center is dedicated to each of the partners involved in the renovation.

The rehabilitation building has seven floors and is connected to the main building of the hospital by a glass bridge.

The center will provide a full cycle of medical care. It has modern equipment: a robotic walking system, exoskeletons, robotic sleeves that help move the arm, etc. Rehabilitation rooms with steel lifts are equipped so that bedridden patients can move to the pool or the rehabilitation room.

The center plans to open a swimming pool in the near future.

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, more than 11,000 wounded Ukrainians, including 350 children, have already been treated at the center. Among the areas of its work are reconstructive surgery, orthopedics and prosthetics. People are not only fitted with prostheses, prostheses are produced here. In addition, the center provides physical, psychological and psychosocial rehabilitation. All medical care is provided free of charge.