19:00 27.02.2023

Some 72,000 donors raise CAD 52 mln for humanitarian aid to Ukraine through Canadian-Ukrainian Foundation

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Some 72,000 donors raise CAD 52 mln for humanitarian aid to Ukraine through Canadian-Ukrainian Foundation

As part of the Humanitarian Appeal for Ukraine, 52 million Canadian dollars (CAD) were collected from 72,000 donors, the press service of the Canadian-Ukrainian Foundation (CUF) has reported.

The Humanitarian Appeal for Ukraine is a joint project of the Canadian-Ukrainian Foundation (CUF) and The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC). For more than a year, both organizations have been working together to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of assistance provided by Canadian citizens to Ukrainians affected by the war.

On the eve of the anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada Yulia Kovaliv, together with Chairman of the Council of the Canadian-Ukrainian Foundation (CUF) Viktor Hetmanchuk and President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Oleksandra Khychiy, reported on the collection of funds for humanitarian aid and its use from February 24, 2022.

Kovaliv thanked for the support on behalf of all Ukrainians.

The release reports that on February 24, 2022, more than $52 million was raised from 72,000 donors as part of the Humanitarian Appeal.

"The generosity of Canadians allowed us to provide critical assistance to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. Unfortunately, the war has no signs of stopping. We need constant and unwavering support in our mission to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine," the press service quoted Viktor Hetmanchuk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CUF, as saying.

It is reported that since February 2022, 300,000 food packages have been delivered to Ukraine as part of the Humanitarian Appeal, which provided food for 850,000 people in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. Fifty-three tonnes of medicines were sent to more than 790,000 patients.

"The Ukrainian-Canadian community works continuously to support our brothers and sisters in Ukraine in their heroic defense of their homeland from the genocidal aggressive war by Russia. Our community is infinitely grateful to all Canadians for their unwavering, generous support of the Ukrainian people in a difficult time for them," said President of the UCC Khychiy.

To solve the problem of energy certainty, 161 generators were transferred for hospitals, families of deceased servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in support of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, 2,000 furnaces for cooking and heating in the recently liberated territories. Also, 2,000 beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows, bed linen for displaced persons were transferred; 1,000 pallets of detergents for displaced persons; 1,000 sets of fire-fighting equipment, 10,000 special gloves for rescuers; and 330 pallets of personal protective equipment for hospitals

Some $1.2 million has been transferred for psychological assistance services to the civilian population. Two missions of plastic surgeons were carried out, who operated on 44 victims with severe facial injuries, a total of 106 operations. Three humanitarian demining missions have been carried out.

Twenty vacuum suturing devices (VAC) for the treatment of wound infections in hospitals in Western Ukraine, as well as consumables, 11 Toyota ambulances for the Ministry of Health of Ukraine were transferred.

The Canadian-Ukrainian Foundation (CUF) has been providing humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians since 1995.