11:14 13.07.2015

Two Right Sector members killed in Mukacheve – organization

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Two Right Sector members killed in Mukacheve – organization

Two members of the Right Sector were killed and four were wounded in an exchange of fire that occurred in Mukacheve, Zakarpattia region, on Saturday, the organization has reported.

"Hundreds of bandits who were crazy because of impunity […] Mykhailo Lanio - who is now a member of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada - have tied to physically destroy Right Sector members in Mukacheve, Zakarpattia region […] Two Right Sector members were killed and four were wounded (of which two sustained serious wounds) in a fierce fight. Taking the wounded and the dead, the unit broke through the bandits' encirclement and retreated to the mountains," Right Sector said in a report posted on Facebook.

According to the Right Sector, "bandits with police epaulettes took an active part in the conflict on the side of the people connected to Lanio.

Right sector says that "a special task force is currently being put on combat alert to destroy our brothers."

"We will not let anyone kill our brothers. Our demands are an immediate arrest of parliamentarian Lanio, who was directly involved in the events, all bandits and law enforcement officers who opened fire, and everyone who issued the order," the statement says.

Right Sector has been put on combat alert, the organization said.

"We are calling on the Ukrainian Armed Forces not to participate in the killing of those who were in the trenches with you yesterday," the report says.

Anton Heraschenko, a Ukrainian parliamentarian (People's Front faction) and adviser to the interior minister, earlier said three attackers had been killed in the exchange of fire in Mukacheve.

"Three attackers were killed in the exchange of fire. Three police officers and four civilians were also wounded. The attackers destroyed two police vehicles with shots fired from grenade launchers," he said on Facebook.

According to Heraschenko, the group of armed people came to a facility related to Ukrainian parliamentarian Mykhailo Lanio.

"There was a military conflict, whose cause remains to be determined. My sources have briefly characterized the situation as an attempt to divide spheres of influence," the parliamentarian said.

When police units came to the scene, the attackers opened fire on them with firearms and launched several grenades from grenade launchers.

"Three attackers were killed in the exchange of fire," Heraschenko said.

At the same time, the parliamentarian said the remaining attackers are encircled in the forest and they have been offered to lay down their weapons and surrender.