16:58 17.04.2015

Author of email from "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" doesn't know full picture of Kalashnikov's murder – Heraschenko

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Advisor to Interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Heraschenko believe that the person who sent an email from the "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" to political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko doesn't know the full picture about the murder of former Party of Regions MP Oleh Kalashnikov.

"Every time high-profile murders with political connotation happen, all sorts of emotionally disturbed persons with a superiority complex crawl into the light, or such human tragedies are used by special services to disperse information waves to their interests," Heraschenko wrote on Facebook on Friday.

He said that the unidentified person had written about the facts of the murder to prove his involvement.

"To proof his involvement, the person who sent the letter wrote about the facts that Kalashnikov allegedly had time to shoot back with his own handgun and [the author of the letter] named the caliber of bullets used to kill him [Kalashnikov]… Kalashnikov was in fact shot with two different kinds of firearms. However, Kalashnikov himself didn't manage to shoot the murderers with his handgun even once. This is a fact. Thus, the author of the letter to Fesenko should use verified sources instead of rumors on social networks," Heraschenko said.

He said that he had already talked to Fesenko and "police employees are working with him now to find out where the letter was sent from."

As reported, on Friday morning, political scientist, Chairman of the Penta Center for Applied Political Studies Volodymyr Fesenko wrote on Facebook that he had received an email with a statement in Ukrainian from the "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" which claimed responsibility for the murders of a number of well known figures, including Kalashnikov, and journalist Oles Buzina.

"We [will] unfold a merciless rebellious battle against the anti-Ukrainian regime of traitors and Moscow's grovelers, and from now on we'll talk to them only in the language of weapons until their complete elimination," reads the letter.

Fesenko said that the email confirmed his previous statement that radical Ukrainian nationalists were responsible for the murders of Buzina and Kalashnikov.

"It reinforces my suspicion that Russian special services are behind these people (even though the ones carrying out [the murders] don't even suspect it)," he said.

In addition, Fesenko said he doesn't believe that the statement means that the representatives of country's leaders will be murdered in the future.