14:28 28.10.2013

Russian inspectors have woeful impression of products of Roshen's Ukrainian factories - Onishchenko

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The inspection of the Ukrainian confectionary factories of Roshen Corporation has not satisfied Russian specialists, Russian prime ministerial aide Gennady Onishchenko has said.

"The inspection left a woeful impression, despite all assurances that they have modern production facilities and they use modern technologies that ensure the high quality and safety of their products," Onishchenko told Interfax on Sunday, October 27.

He said that Ukrainian products are made on the basis of old requirements that are not in line with the sanitary requirements in Russia in terms of the permissible level of yeast and Penicillium.

The key supplier of milk powder for Roshen's products is not on the register of milk processing companies of Ukraine that are allowed to supply products to the Russian market, which is a gross violation, Onishchenko said.

"The unbusinesslike and unfriendly atmosphere created for the group of Russian specialists arriving at the request of Ukraine should be pointed out," he said.

"Despite this, competent representatives did not come – the experts met neither with the top managers of the corporation nor with the Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry of Ukraine," he said.

He said that Ukraine said that Russian inspectors arrived for 'a certain industrial espionage, although Ukraine had been informed about the structure of the group."

"This leaves many questions and does not give the ambiguous understanding of the goals Ukraine pursued in inviting the specialist to the enterprises," he said.

Asked by Interfax if Russia would agree to conduct another inspection of the Ukrainian enterprises, Onishchenko said that this could be done only if Ukraine's position on the pace of the inspection changes radically, which could be the grounds for settling this complicated and very difficult systemic problem.

Rospotrebnadzor banned imports of chocolate and candies produced at four Ukrainian plants of Roshen due to quality issues in July.

In August, the then Rospotrebnadzor chief Onishchenko and Ukrainian Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk agreed during talks in Moscow on a mechanism to return Roshen products to the Russian market. In particular, the Russian watchdog was to inspect four Ukrainian plants. Rospotrebnadzor is ready to allow the Ukrainian products to Russia but while checking each batch.