14:00 26.03.2013

Ukraine from May 1 introduces new excise labels for alcohol, cigarettes, increases their price by 2.6 times

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The Ukrainian government has decided from May 1, 2013 to introduce new excise labels on alcohol and tobacco and increase their price by 2.6 times.

This is stipulated in cabinet resolution No. 188 of March 13, 2013.

According to the document, the price of an excise label for alcohol will be UAH 0.27 per label instead of UAH 0.103, and that for tobacco – UAH 0.142 instead of UAH 0.055.

The government also supported a proposal of the Income and Tax Ministry of Ukraine on the creation of a centralized automated system for monitoring the turnover of alcohol and tobacco.

Earlier the ministry reported that the new excise labels, which have the three-level protection for alcohol and tobacco, and are made in Ukraine and abroad, are to be introduced in Ukraine from April 1, 2013.

The ministry also proposed that the price of the excise label be increased by 2-2.5 times, explaining its position by the fact that the price of the excise label has not been increased since 2008, while producers have increased the prices of their products several times over the period.

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