17:49 01.10.2021

Igor Kononenko Charitable Foundation donated UAH 248 000 for the purchase of optics for two sniper systems

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Igor Kononenko Charitable Foundation has allocated almost a quarter of a million hryvnias to purchase army sights for a sniper unit of one of the units that defend Ukraine in the east of the country – this is stated in the Foundation’s interim report.

The Foundation donated 248 000 hryvnias to help the sniper unit of the motorized infantry troops of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This money is intended for new optics for two sniper systems.

In 2016, the Foundation donated two sniper complexes, which were successfully used by the soldiers – but recently the rifles and sights were out of order. The military unit was able to replace the barrels of rifles on its own, and the Foundation helped upgrade expensive optics for two sniper systems.

Also during 2021, Igor Kononenko Charitable Foundation, which he runs together with his wife Liliya, sent (donations were made through the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Terytoriya Dobra”, which helps children and the military in the east of Ukraine):

UAH 51,5 thousand for the purchase of Autel EVO 2 Pro Rugged Bundle quadrocopter and a battery for it for special forces as part of the Special Operations Forces (in February);

UAH 97,7 thousand for three car batteries, two sets of summer tires, a TV set for connecting CCTV cameras, three laptops for the motorized infantry forces of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (in March);

UAH 62,5 thousand for tires, a panoramic camera, ramrods, foam for cleaning barrels for the mechanized infantry forces of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (in July).

Igor Kononenko has been financially supporting the military for many years, so it is not surprising that snipers call him a permanent donor.

“Ever since I was a volunteer, the entourage of the 5th President Petro Poroshenko has been very helpful: Maria Ionova, Igor Kononenko and many others who are regular donors of our work. … Each case with a rifle, (and there are dozens of them) costs about half a million hryvnias, and all this is also help from Poroshenkos friends: the rifles were given to us from Igor Kononenko and Roshen. And I know that Petro Oleksiyovych handed over more than a hundred sniper rifles to various special forces”, the commander of the sniper unit with the call sign “Smile” told #Bykvu in an interview.

However, helping the defenders of Ukraine is not the only activity of ​​the Foundation. This year, it sent UAH 40 thousand to support “In Children’s Palms” NGO, which helps children with Down syndrome, autism, mental retardation and speech disorders.

The money, which was allocated in May and September, was used to support the canistherapy project (one of the methods of zootherapy, psychosocial and physiorehabilitation with the involvement of trained dogs).

In 2020 Igor Kononenko Charitable Foundation donated UAH 5,7 million to help fight Covid-19. The Foundation purchased modern medical equipment for Vasylkivska and Obukhivska district hospitals and outpatient clinics of the Piskivska territorial community.