18:19 18.02.2021

Guide 2021: Ways To Increase the Number of Subscribers On Your YouTube Channel

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Time goes by, but the question remains - how to get more subs on your channel on youTube? The platform has evolved and changed throughout time and now, at the beginning of the new decade, we must reconsider the methods that allow us to boost our stats. The shortest way to gain more is just to buy cheap subscribers on onlycheapsubs.com, but is it all you have to do? Nope, it is not that simple. In fact, you must remember, that looking at big numbers in your analytics is not enough for success. You must use multiple ways to increase the number of subscribers, and organic newcomers are your prerogative, while purchased stats are playing only the supportive part, if it is needed. In this article, you will find a guide for grossing more subs.


In recent years, there was a popular theory developed, that considered users to prefer shorter content. Practically in any guideline that was published in the range of a few past years, clearly recommended to stick to videos under 10 minutes long. However, 2020 made some significant changes, and by research, it is now obvious that users actually would like to watch videos somewhere in between 10 and 20 minutes. If your format allows you, you can go even longer, but that decision depends on many actors, like your target audience, the niche you occupy, and the genre of the videos.

To hit the widest range of users, you should keep it closer to 15 minutes on average. Doing videos of such length allows to create content that can be consumed on the go, which makes it accessible and comfortable for a modern audience.


Well, to be fair, this recommendation didn’t change throughout the whole history of YouTube. Concentration on the number is ruining your overall result. Your primary goal is not only to show off multiple digits in your stats but to receive some reaction to your work. That is why having 100 subscribers who actively interact with your content is much better than having 1000 subs who just do nothing.

That is the clue to the usage of paid services. Many people think that it would be enough to buy few stacks of YouTube subscribers and lean back in your chair. If you will not work with your live audience, mixed in with purchased, your channel will die out and get lost in the depth of YouTube. Thus a simple conclusion - work on the quality of the crowd.


To attract more subscribers, hit on the ones you already have. Being proactive with your audience can be a clue to increasing your numbers. Use the universal rules for effective and pleasant communication with your viewers:

  • Reply to comments as much as you can
  • Keep your manners polite and friendly
  • Aim for bonding with your viewers
  • Encourage discussions in your comment section through your videos
  • Ask questions
  • Talk to your followers, not at them
  • Share your personal experience and create an environment for your audience to share as well.


This video is a great opportunity to boast a little about your blogging activity. A trailer is a video that is displayed on the main page of your profile. It can be set up to play automatically when a user enters your profile. Quick note: do not use too loud and sudden sounds at the beginning of your trailer. People will be startled, and some may even be irritated by that, so keep it in harmony and soft melody at the start.

In this piece of content, you can input all the significant things about your blog, which might trigger the interest of a potential subscriber. Announce what your channel is about, and give a clue to your audience, so people understand what to expect from you. Also, keep it short - original movie trailers are rarely longer than 3-5 minutes, in order to keep a viewer hooked and not give out too much.


People rely on their vision a lot. Visual anchors are easier to memorize, thus it is a good way to stand out and form a steady association with your content. All that is quite useful for your recognition and popularity on the platform. This is why you have to create something that will be pleasant to the eye, and catchy.

Compelling designs is not a common skill, so if you feel you are losing something it would be better to spend some budget on a professional, or at least to consult with friends who are involved in design and creative positions. The colors and forms you use in your graphic decisions, as well as the way you and your shooting space looks, are what helps to attract and retain people. So, keep in mind these tips:

  • Create a specific environment for shooting your content. The goal of your background is to complement your content, so to highlight the topic of your channel, you can add some classy details and obstacles
  • To increase your recognition on the platform, think of the iconic look. It can be a detail of your wardrobe, make-up, or accessory that is a part of your personality. It can also become your mascot
  • A mascot or logo is what represents your content too. It helps users to build associations in their minds and also boosts your recognition, leading to a bigger number of newcomers.
  • Develop a color scheme and design for your channel. Here is the time to use your creative friend for a beer :), or invest in web-design freelancers.


Gaining subscribers in 2021 is not too distinct from doing that in the years before. The most significant change is the prolongation of your videos. The basic rules for growing your numbers remain the same:

  1. Concentrate on the quality of your audience.
  2. Create out-of-the-box content.
  3. Keep it all sincere and personal.
  4. Attract users with neat and stylish visuals.

Following these few recommendations will increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel for sure.