16:33 03.05.2021

Norwegian bureau Snohetta wins competition for best project of Roshen Concert Hall

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Norwegian bureau Snohetta wins competition for best project of Roshen Concert Hall

The authoritative architectural bureau Snohetta from Norway has won the international architectural competition for the best project of the Roshen Concert Hall, project manager Yevhen Poltavtsev has said.

"The winner, the first prize is the Norwegian bureau Snohetta. This project does not contrast with other architecture. It fits very well into the landscape and continues the possibilities of the park that is there. It creates new common public areas, new links, and footpaths," the press service of the European Solidarity party said, citing Poltavtsev.

It is noted that the Norwegian architectural bureau Snohetta is known, in particular, for the projects of the new Library of Alexandria in Egypt, the opera house in Oslo, as well as the pavilion of the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York.

The press service recalls that the project to create the first world-class concert hall in Ukraine in October 2020 was presented by fifth President of Ukraine, MP Petro Poroshenko together with his wife Maryna (the European Solidarity faction).

For this, the old building of the House of Culture named after Korolev, designed in the 80s of the last century, was bought at an auction. It will be converted into a large concert hall for symphony concerts.

Technical requirements were developed jointly with the British company Theater Projects, which has experience in the development of theater technology and acoustics for more than 300 projects.

It is noted that in addition to the modern landscape, the design of the house itself will also change.

"It will be an ultra-modern building with special acoustics. The symphony hall will be able to accommodate about 2,000 people," the statement said.

In addition to the Norwegians, the jury is also considering the British project. It will be a spare. The best architects of Europe chose the winner from among the four contenders.

For three months, the jury gave various design tasks to the contestants. For the same amount of time, they had a pilot job. The Norwegian bureau, according to the jury, presented the best one.

"This project impressed all jury members. It attracted the most attention among all the contestants," construction expert Hennadiy Hlotov said.

Foreigners will carry out architectural supervision from the beginning of work to the commissioning of the building and territory. This whole idea was founded by the Roshen company and the Poroshenko Foundation.

"This project will bring the art of Ukraine to a new level. It will allow our performers, ensembles of classical and modern music to fulfill their creative potential on the territory of Ukraine," Maryna Poroshenko said.

Reportedly, the new concert hall will be the first concert hall in Ukraine for a large symphony orchestra with a choir.

"Germany has seven world-class halls. In neighboring Poland, two such institutions have been opened in recent years. Ukraine, with its traditions of classical music, with conductors, performers, composers and world-class ensembles, does not have any acoustic hall for a large symphony orchestra," the message said.

It specifies that the concert hall will have a large acoustic concert hall for 1,800 spectators and a chamber hall for 400 spectators. As well as the necessary infrastructure for the rehearsals of musicians and choirs. The institution plans to hold 250 art events a year.

"It will be the center of culture, the center of development of whole Kyiv. Many world-class artists, many world-class orchestras would have come to Ukraine long ago. But they have never been here. As there was no place where their level could be truly appreciated. And Roshen was inspired by the examples of Microsoft Theater and Carnegie Hall," fifth President, leader of the European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko said.

Reportedly, the concert hall will continue a number of large-scale projects that have already been implemented by Poroshenko's team.

The Roshen Concert Hall is slated to open in 2025.