12:53 26.10.2012

Observers from NGO For Fair Elections see no serious violations, point to 'new phenomena' in elections

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International observers from the NGO For Fair Elections have said that there have been no serious violations during the election campaign in Ukraine ahead of the parliamentary elections.

"Those violations that we saw were not significant, while the complaints that were filed to the courts and the election commission, in our opinion, were not justified," a representative of the organization, lawyer Michael Hohendahl (Germany), said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday.

He praised the electoral legislation in Ukraine, which is in line with European standards. In particular, he stressed the importance of the existence of a single register of voters and the opportunity to check the accuracy of the data in this list.

In addition, the lawyer welcomed the installation of Web cameras at polling stations.

"It ensures the transparency of the electoral process and generally makes it possible to monitor the course of the electoral process, thus ensuring democratic standards," Hohendahl said.

Lawyer Sergei Mirzoyev (Russia), in turn, pointed to the emergence of "new phenomena" during the current election campaign in Ukraine.

"First and foremost, in contrast to the previous elections, the electoral law is consistent," he said.

As for the installation of Web cameras at polling stations, the lawyer said he saw the positive effects of such an innovation. He said that this could be a deterrent factor for violations during the elections. Mirzoyev also added that in case of any litigation, videos recorded from such cameras could serve as evidence and that complaints could be based on such materials.

In addition, he said there were no problems with the financing of election commissions, the courts, in contrast to the previous elections, as well as a significant increase in the level of political competition in these elections.

The parliamentary elections in Ukraine will be held on October 28 this year.