16:19 07.11.2023

Zelenskyy signs NSDC decision on strengthening resilience of energy system

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Zelenskyy signs NSDC decision on strengthening resilience of energy system

The decree on the entry into force of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council on additional measures to strengthen the stability of the functioning of the energy system and prepare the national economy for work in the autumn-winter period of 2023/2024 was signed by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Document No. 737/2023 was published on the website of the head of state.

According to the text of the NSDC decision, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is instructed to make decisions within a month on repayment of debts of state and municipal enterprises of critical infrastructure, as well as budgetary institutions to the supplier of "last hope" and universal service providers for the consumed electric energy.

In addition, it was instructed to organize guaranteed supplies of hydrocarbons to Ukraine from the Caspian region and reconstruction using gas piston and gas turbine units of thermal power plants managed by NJSC Naftogaz Ukrainy to create highly maneuverable capacities.

The Cabinet of Ministers was also instructed to submit to the Verkhovna Rada a number of draft laws aimed at stimulating the production of heat energy from alternative fuels, on the transportation of acts of European Union law and on liability for unauthorized gas extraction by gas distribution system operators and industrial consumers.

Separately, the government was instructed to handle issues of state incentives for the construction of distributed generation facilities, increasing the capacity of the gas transmission system of Ukraine, the introduction of mobile generation to cover emergency needs in certain areas, and a number of others.

Within a six-month period, it was also instructed to approve action plans to support the thermal modernization of buildings, as well as the energy modernization of water supply enterprises and thermal energy producers, as well as a provision on preventing the termination of electric energy supplies to consumers who import electric energy in accordance with the established procedure under martial law.

Within a month, the Government has been instructed, together with international financial organizations, to process the issue of providing financial resources to support the energy and residential sector.

Together with local administrations, it is instructed to develop a plan of measures for the development of distributed generation in the regions of Ukraine, in particular for the creation of micro grid distribution systems based on "smart grids" in territorial communities, including for energy cooperatives, and to provide appropriate sources of financing necessary for its implementation.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to provide full funding for projects to protect critical infrastructure facilities.

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine has been instructed to work out the issue of reducing the volume of natural gas consumption by thermal power plants, as well as to develop and approve a list of standard schemes and methods of backup energy supply for critical infrastructure facilities.

Local state administrations are instructed to analyze the potential and resource of the region to maximize the use and production of alternative fuels, take measures to update regional strategies to increase the use of distributed generation, alternative energy sources and energy efficiency, approve action plans to ensure the safety and sustainability of critical infrastructure that ensures the livelihoods of territorial communities, to ensure the preparation of nodes for connecting critical infrastructure facilities for the use of backup power supply schemes, to assess the energy potential of local water resources and its implementation for the creation of alternative generation facilities with a distributed structure, in particular the resources of the Tisa, Teresva and Dniester rivers.