14:00 14.10.2022

Ukrtelecom hands over first three Valkyrja systems worth about UAH 2 mln to AFU

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JSC Ukrtelecom has ordered production of a significant number of Valkyrja unmanned aerial systems and has already handed over the first three of them to the Ukrainian military.

According to open data, the cost of one such complex is about $18,100.

"After completing training at the manufacturer's base, we are ready to perform combat missions – aerial reconnaissance and artillery fire adjustment day and night. Valkyrja systems are our eyes that see and report on the movement of the enemy without the need to approach him directly, which means they save lives Ukrainian soldiers," a representative of the Ukrainian Armed Forces unit that received the equipment was quoted in a statement released by the operator on Friday.

Starting today, Valkyrja systems will begin to carry out combat missions at the front.

Under martial law, the Ukrtelecom team is making every effort to ensure uninterrupted communications for our defenders – today the level of accessibility of Internet services is about 90% of pre-war coverage settlements.

"Ukrtelecom has systematically helped and will continue to help the Ukrainian army. We have already allocated about UAH 50 million to support the combat capability of our defenders. And now we are handing over to the Ukrainian army the first batch of equipment from a Ukrainian manufacturer – three Valkyrja complexes," the company's CEO Yuriy Kurmaz commented on the transfer of drones.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukrtelecom has acquired and donated almost 3,000 tactical first aid kits, 4,000 medical tourniquets, 2,000 hemostatic bandages and dressings, 50 stretchers, 23 generators, more than 180 walkie-talkies, more than 100 active satellite phones suitable for uninterrupted use, as well as many other necessary things and equipment for the needs of our defenders. Also, 171 vehicles of the company were handed over to the military.

In the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, about 350 employees of Ukrtelecom protect the Ukrainian land.

Joint stock company Ukrtelecom is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Ukraine. Since 2013, Ukrtelecom has joined Rinat Akhmetov's SCM business.