11:47 13.03.2013

Ukraine boosts electricity exports 39.3% in Jan and Feb

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Ukraine boosted electricity exports by 39.3% or 405.1 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) in January and February 2013 year-over-year, to 1.436 billion kWh, a source at the Energy and Coal Industry Ministry has told Interfax-Ukraine.

Electricity exports from the Burshtyn Energy Island to Hungary, Slovakia and Romania surged 1.8% or 12.4 million kWh, to 712.1 million kWh. Exports to Poland totaled 147.1 million kWh, whereas electricity was not exported to Poland in January and February 2012.

Exports of electricity to Central European countries Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Poland as a whole soared by 22.8% or 159.5 million kWh, to 859.2 million kWh.

Belarus imported 459.7 million kWh of Ukrainian electricity in January and February 2013, up 1.9 times or 221.3 million kWh year-on-year.

The jump in exports of electricity is linked to the fall in supplies of power to Belarus at the end of January 2012 and early February 2012 due to unscheduled disconnection of one of the Ukraine's reactors due to strong frosts. Power supplies to Minsk were resumed from the middle of February 2012.

Moldova imported 117.4 million kWh of Ukrainian electricity in January and February 2013, up 26.1% or 24.3 million kWh.

Ukraine did not export electricity to Russia in 2012 and 2013.

As reported, in 2012, Ukraine boosted electricity exports by 51.5%, or 3.312 billion kWh, year-over-year, to 9.745 billion kWh.

Electricity exports from Ukraine in 2012 in monetary terms were estimated at $574.8 million. In particular, exports to Belarus totaled $231.4 million, to Moldova $52.7 million, Hungary $224.3 million, Poland $50.7 million, Romania $9.9 million, and Slovakia $5.8 million.

The main exporters of Ukrainian electricity in 2011 and 2012 were DTEK Skhidenergo and DTEK Power Trade. As was the case in the two previous years, DTEK in 2013 obtained a monopoly right to export electricity to European countries.