16:35 23.08.2022

Free trips for medics: Uber, the Ministry of Health and Kyiv NGO partnered up for a joint project

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Kyiv, August 23, 2022. Uber has launched a joint initiative with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Kyiv charitable organisation Soloma Cats to help provide nearly 100 medical institutions across Ukraine with free rides to ensure stable and safe transportation of medical workers.

The medical community, which always bears the brunt of critical times, such as epidemics and wars, often has to struggle with the difficulties of getting to work and back home, since a significant number of hospital staff live on the outskirts of larger cities and do not always have access to transportation.

To alleviate the burden of the heroic Ukrainian medical workers, Uber has provided special promocodes for free trips. The promocodes will be distributed to 100 medical institutions throughout Ukraine, including in such cities as Kyiv, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Dnipro, Ternopil and other six cities across the country, where the Uber service is available.

"Since the very beginning of this terrible war, Uber has stood with Ukraine and supported the Ukrainian community by initiating many social projects in partnership with NGOs, volunteer centres and companies. Today, we are very happy to support the medical people who need this assistance so much during this time. Uber supports and will continue to support Ukraine for as long as necessary," - says Marcin Moczyróg, CEE General Manager at Uber.

As part of the initiative, launched in August, after consulting with the Ministry of Health, Uber has pledged to provide nearly 35,000 promocodes for free rides to hospitals every month, financing up to UAH 8 million in trips monthly. The initiative will run until the end of November 2022.

The Ministry of Health has a long and successful track record of cooperating with Uber. Our latest partnership is particularly important, as it will provide our heroic medics, who are tirelessly saving the lives of Ukrainians in these trying times, with convenient transportation solutions”, said Mariia Karchevych, Deputy Minister of Health for Digital Development, Digital Transformations and Digitalization. "We also hope that this project will encourage other responsible Ukrainian and international businesses to provide critical support to the healthcare industry."

Volunteers of Soloma Cats, a Kyiv-based charitable foundation, which, among other things, specialises in training civilians in pre-medical assistance, will help the hospital staff to use the promocodes in the Uber app.

Every day, our medics demonstrate extraordinary heroism, saving people's lives around the clock to the sound of sirens, and sometimes under shelling… Many of them also have to spend their precious time getting to the hospital and back home, waiting for public transport or catching rides for hours. So we are so happy this initiative will help our doctors improve the conditions of their daily commutes”, said Andrii Yerofieiev, co-founder and executive director of Soloma Cats.

This initiative is in line with Uber's ongoing efforts to help Ukrainians during this challenging time and the company's long-term commitment to supporting the doctor and patient communities, which saw a number of projects rolled out in collaboration with MOH during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yesterday the company launched another initiative together with Liki24.com, to provide people in Ukraine with necessary medicines. Ukrainians who have suffered from the war with russia and have no financial ability to buy medicines at full cost will receive a 50% compensation from the «Medicines for Ukraine» foundation. Uber joined the initiative, providing codes for free delivery of orders that people place at the expenses of the Medicines for Ukraine Foundation. Deliveries will be made through the Uber Connect service that Uber introduced in 2020.

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