16:08 30.08.2016

Great prices for flats and offices in Avia Quarter residential complex in Vyshneve by the end of summer

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A promotion action of the Avia Quarter residential complex in the town of Vyshneve when the price of one square meter is fixed at the level of UAH 10,350 has attracted many investors' attention. Over 50 investment contracts were signed during the summer.

The construction of the Avia Quarter residential complex proceeds at a fast pace, and the promotion action is about to end.

Buy your flat at a super advantageous price before it is not too late!

The complex consists of three multi-section buildings. The first building has already been put into operation, the construction of the second and third is actively continuing – the sixth section of the second building (Block B1) will be commissioned as early as this autumn.

The Avia Quarter residential complex uses technology of concrete frame structures for construction. Its walls are covered with external insulation. Utilities (water, sewage) are connected to Vyshneve's municipal system. Flats offered for sale are bare and ready to be furnished – they have doors and windows, radiators, and water meters installed.

Experts estimate that the Avia Quarter residential complex is by far one of the most attractive sites in the suburbs of Kyiv not only due to a good flat layout, but also due to a wide range of options of purchase and payment conditions.

The total area of the Avia Quarter residential complex is 42,000 square meters. The total area of the complex's commercial premises is 3,500 square meters.

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Avia Quarter residential complex

2 Vityanska Street, Vyshneve

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