10:08 22.03.2019

Intergal-Bud to resettle families from three Khrushchov-era buildings in Kyiv to dismantle them

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KYIV. March 22 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Intergal-Bud construction company (Kyiv) is preparing for the implementation a project to resettle families of three buildings with 240 apartments built in 1950-1960s (Khrushchov-era buildings) located at 1, 19, 19A, Makarivska in the Shevchenkivsky district with the purpose of dismantling them and build a new residential complex with a total area of 90,000 square meters, Intergal-Bud Commercial Director Hanna Layevska has said.

"Since the program of housing renovation in Ukraine does not work, we talked to the residents about how to ensure the residents move with own resources. We offer to exchange existing housing for apartments in our new residential complexes. We guarantee that the exchange will take place only at the moment when the housing is ready, or built in a new house in Makarivska Street, or in any other residential complex of the Intergal-Bud company, where apartments will be offered already renovated by the developer," Layevska said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday.

According to Head of the project management team at Intergal-Bud Roman Lyoshenko, the exchange factor for old and new apartments will be 1.1-1.2. Moreover, when the area of apartments is very small (for example, in a dormitory located at 1, Makarivska Street), the developer will offer a larger factor. In particular, in new apartments, the owners of such apartments will receive 10-20% more space.

At the same time, according to Layevska, the company will provide a bank guarantee to secure meeting obligations to residents. First, the developer will enter into preliminary contracts, later – the main contracts (with dimensions).

"We have our own land parcel next to the site, where no buildings are located and on which we plan to build the first houses of a comfort class with a total area of 90,000 square meters, with underground parking area and a stylobate part of the buildings," Layevska told Interfax-Ukraine, adding that subject to the demolition of the houses, the company will be able to build another 30,000-35,000 square meters of housing.

In the first house, the company will design apartments with layouts that are not available in other residential complexes of the developer, in order to ensure the relocation of some residents who have small apartments.

"Unfortunately, we do not always have the format of apartments, which we can provide to the residents of these houses. For example, we do not have smart-format apartments, but we are ready to redesign the second section of the first house in order to meet the needs of all residents," Lyoshenko said.

According to him, the company received permission to carry out the preparatory work and is in the process of getting building permits.

The Intergal-Bud company will soon begin the process of resettlement of residents, with the exception of owners of unconventional apartments, who do not have funds for making payments for additional meters, and complete it in no more than four months, Lyoshenko said.

"After obtaining the consent of all residents, we plan to resettle all residents into new sections that will be built within our land parcel and in the future carry out the demolition of old buildings that are located near our site," he said.

The representative of the developer also added that the project will begin with the construction of supporting pillars and walls of 800 square meters, "to stabilize the slopes and ensure the future safe operation of the complex."

As part of the project, the company will also expand and repair the existing road along Makarivska Street and the road that connected this area behind the Podilsky descent.

"That is, the second transport highway will be provided, which will allow connecting this area with another part of the city. The utility networks will also be fully repaired and re-installed, which will not only provide communications to the new residential complex, but also reconnect existing buildings to new utility networks. In addition, the developer took upon himself the responsibility of building two communal kindergartens in the complex: one- to replace the existing one, and the second – an additional one for more than 100 children," Layevska said.

Intergal-Bud construction company LLC was founded in 2006. It is subsidiary of Lviv subsidiary established in 2003.