16:27 23.02.2022

Russia-occupation forces fire at kindergarten, woman wounded as result of shell explosion in Donbas

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The police are recording the consequences of shelling by Russia-occupation forces in Donetsk region, in particular, a kindergarten in Zelenopillia was shelled and a woman was wounded as a result of a shell explosion in the village of Mykolaivka.

"The occupying troops fired at a kindergarten in Zelenopillia, and in Mykolaivka, a civilian was wounded as a result of a direct hit of a shell in a house. Investigative police teams are working on the spot," the police of Donetsk region said.

The personal data of the victim are established.

Law enforcers said the distance from the village of Zelenopillia of Bakhmut merged territorial community to the contact line is five kilometers.

"Four children, who at the time of the shelling were hiding in the basement with their teachers, took their parents away. In addition, a house on Yuvileyna Street was damaged, and elderly spouses were inside during the shelling," the police said.

Information about the destruction and casualties is being specified.

On the facts, criminal proceedings were initiated under Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of the laws and customs of war).