19:14 31.05.2024

Govt agrees on creation of industrial parks Tiachiv in Zakarpattia region, Smila in Cherkasy region

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has included the industrial parks Tiachiv (Zakarpattia region) and Smila (Cherkasy region) in the Register of Industrial Parks, as announced by the government representative in the parliament, Taras Melnychuk.

According to his message on Telegram on Thursday, the government made the decision at its meeting on Thursday.

According to information from Zakarpattia Regional State Administration on Facebook earlier this year, citing Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration Vasyl Ivanchо, the Tiachiv industrial park involves the merging or creation of industrial enterprises of various purposes on an area of about 85 hectares, including a waste processing plant, a logistics center, and a manufacturing facility for polymer composite material housings.

As specified in the Ministry of Economy's report on Thursday, the concept of the Tiachiv industrial park envisages the creation of up to 3,100 new jobs in the processing industry on an area of 61.47 hectares.

"On its territory, glass and glass products will be manufactured, woodworking enterprises will operate, as well as enterprises for the processing, finishing, and cutting of decorative and building stone, among other products. Concurrently, there are plans to engage in scientific and technical activities, work in the fields of information and telecommunications, alternative energy, energy storage, and other related activities," the ministry said.

According to the concept of the Smila industrial park on the website of its initiator, the Smila City Council, the park is being created for a period of 30 years on an area of 61.32 hectares. The type of site is greenfield.

Its functional purpose is the processing industry (primarily the deep processing of agricultural products) and scientific and technical activities (production and development of technologies for the renewal and modernization of energy infrastructure).

The plan is to attract $184 million in investments (when the park is fully occupied) and create 1,800-3,000 jobs.

As reported, the 2024 state budget for the first time allocates UAH 1 billion for the development of industrial park infrastructure. The goal of the funding is to promote the deployment of a network of industrial parks ready to accommodate new or relocated industrial enterprises in a shorter time frame.

Currently, the register includes 81 industrial parks.