15:32 05.07.2022

VODA UA to release limited batch of water for sale mainly in HoReCa segment

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AT Market LLC (Kyiv), bottling high-altitude Carpathian water under the VODA UA trademark, will release a limited batch of water for the domestic market with three types of labels dedicated to the events of the war with the Russian Federation.

"Limited batches of water in glass and plastic containers will be intended mainly for sale in the HoReCa segment [hotels, restaurants, and cafes]," owner and founder of the company Dmytro Nikiforov told Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday.

"We have several cases there. The first case is based on the plot with the Russian warship. We produce 'plastic' and 'glass.' Glass goes to the HoReCa segment, and we already have pre-orders from those restaurants that do not work with us in principle, but they are ready to take a certain number of bottles from this batch. The total number of bottles with the 'warship' is 40,000 in 'plastic,' and 5,000 in 'glass.' One can say that this is not even a limited edition, but a collection lot," Nikiforov said.

He also clarified that immediately after the release of the VODA UA batch with the "warship" or in parallel with it, a batch of water will be produced with a label in yellow and blue colors, developed in collaboration with Ukrainian artist Sonia Moroziuk and dedicated to the future victory of Ukraine in the war against Russian invaders. The head of the company clarified that this label will depict a Kyiv mural, which Moroziuk is now completing on the wall of one of the capital's houses.

It is also planned to release a batch of VODA UA with a label that will depict a ceramic majolica figurine in the form of a rooster, which survived in one of the apartments in Borodianka, Kyiv region, after shelling by Russian troops.

"We approached creatively: still water – with the label 'Good morning, we are from Ukraine,' and sparkling water – 'Good evening, we are from Ukraine,'" Nikiforov said.

According to him, after the sale of this limited batch of water, VODA UA mulls production of its products with other labels dedicated to the events of the war with the Russian Federation.

VODA UA is a group of companies engaged in the extraction of Carpathian high-mountain waters under the trademarks VODA UA, Horianka, Karpatska Dzherelna Vysokohirna.